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Other survivors

For our list of the status of all WYPTE vehicles with most survivors identified, click here for the fate spreadsheet. This file requires Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice to view.

The spreadsheet was compiled using the DVLA's Vehicle Enquiry service by TYPG members/friends Michael Highman, Martyn Bryant, Richard Lamb and James Fairchild.

There's bad news and good news to be seen in the spreadsheet. For example a few Leeds Atlanteans (including one Weymann PDR1/1, one Roe PDR2/1 and a few of the AN68/2R Leeds jumbo "Tommy Lord Box" Atlanteans, like 591) survive in some form. One WYPTE Leyland National is around, some coaches survive as do some minibuses. There are a few Olympians still in service (in Yorkshire and elsewhere, including 5001 and 5002 in Chester), there are also quite a few WYPTE Roe bodied Atlanteans and Fleetlines in preservation.

One of the mark 1 MCW Metrobuses is in preservation, and another was still in service until recently. Two of the Alexander bodied metrobuses survive, but there are believed to be no mark 2 MCW Metrobuses left in this country (although 7604 and 7605 were exported to Sri Lanka as part of the Asia Bus Response effort and can be glimpsed in this picture (clue - purple internal window surrounds). To numerically go to the end of the WYPTE fleet, two Leyland Leopard dual purpose vehicles, 8501 and 8534, survive in preservation.

The worst news is probably that the dual purpose Duple Dominant bodied Tigers are now believed extinct, with the last survivors 1662 and 1671 having now been finally cut by Alan Hardwick (dealer/breaker) of Barnsley. It appears though there are no surviving MCW Metroriders and the same is true of the Iveco minibuses (unless you know differently). No MCW Atlanteans (as delivered to Leeds or Bradford) survive and the earlier MCW product, the Scania Metropolitan, is also extinct, as the once preserved 2612 was scrapped some years ago. The unique Volvo Ailsa 3480 was also broken up for spares by Derby. Also bad news is that none of the Northern Counties bodied Fleetlines (delivered to WYPTE) survive to our knowledge.

Surviving pre-WYPTE vehicles

Surviving Leeds City Transport vehicles are listed on the Annual Leeds Fleetlists site - click here to go to the LCT list.

Bradford City Transport

Registration Original Number WYPTE number Chassis Body Location and Notes
KW2260 325 none Leyland Lion PLSC3 Leyland at Keighley Bus Museum
HKW82 82 none AEC Regent III East Lancs part of Aire Valley Transport Group
EKY558 558 none Leyland PD2 Leyland at Sandtoft
HLW159 410 none AEC Regent III unknown former London RT172at North West Museum of Road Transport
6203KW 203 2203 AEC Regent v Metro Cammell at Keighley Bus Museum
6204KW 204 2204 AEC Regent v Metro Cammell at Keighley Bus Museum
6220KW 220 2220 AEC Regent V Metro Cammell at Keighley Bus Museum
LAK309G 309 2309 Leyland PD3 Alexander at Keighley Bus Museum
LAK313G 313 2313 Leyland PD2 Alexander at Keighley Bus Museum
PKW434J 434 2434 Daimler Fleetline Alexander preserved in Yorkshire
SKY448J 448 2448 Leyland Atlantean Alexander exported to USA in 1980s, Believed in Denver, Colorado
TKU467K 467 2467 Leyland Atlantean Alexander at Keighley Bus Museum
XAK355L 355 2355 Daimler Fleetline Alexander at Keighley Bus Museum
XKW832 032 unknown Austin 550FG Tower Wagon at Sandtoft
EKY594 034 none Karrier CK3 Tower Wagon at Sandtoft
KUG577 037 then 028 unknown Bedford Tower Wagon at Keighley Bus Museum
KY9106 401 then 046 none AEC Regent I was Weymann now gritter at Keighley Bus Museum
NKY805H unknown 9360 AEC Matador Thornbury Works Special (inc Alexander dome) preserved in Yorkshire

Surviving Bradford City Transport trolleybuses are listed on the Bradford Trolleybus Association's Preserved Bradford Trolleybuses page, to which we can add Bradford City Transport tram 104, which is at the Bradford Industrial Museum.


Comprehensive information on Huddersfield vehicles can be found on the website of the Huddersfield Passenger Transport Group.

Registration Original Number WYPTE number Chassis Body Location and Notes
VH6188 119 none AEC Regent Hall Lewis Bournemouth
VH6217 120 none AEC Regent converted into tower wagon (Lee Motors body) Bournemouth
CCX777 217 none Daimler CWA6 Duple Quantock Heritage
ECX425 225 none AEC Regent III Northern Coach Builders preserved in Yorkshire
FVH1 1 unknown Guy Arab UF Guy/Park Royal preserved in Yorkshire
HVH234 234 unknown AEC Regent III East Lancs (lowbridge) preserved
HVH236 236 unknown AEC Regent III East Lancs (lowbridge) exported to USA, sighted in Atlanta, Georgia
JVH370 240 none AEC Regent III East Lancs (lowbridge) exported to USA, sighted at Kings Head Pub, St Augustine, Florida a couple of years ago
JVH373 243 unknown AEC Regent III East Lancs (lowbridge) preserved in Yorkshire
JVH378 178 unknown AEC Regent III East Lancs (highbridge) preserved in Yorkshire
JVH381 181 unknown AEC Regent III East Lancs (highbridge) preserved in Yorkshire
HVH472D 472 4472 Daimler CVG6 East Lancs preserved in Yorkshire
KVH473E 473 4473 Daimler Fleetline Roe at Keighley Bus Museum
MVH388 A9 unknown AEC Mandator tower wagon at Keighley Bus Museum

For completeness, surviving Huddersfield trolleybuses are listed below. No Huddersfield trams are believed to survive.

Registration Original Number WYPTE number Chassis Body Location and Notes
AVH470 470 none Karrier E6 body scrapped 2004 (was Park Royal) chassis at Sandtoft
CVH741 541 none Karrier MS2 Park Royal at Sandtoft
KVH219 619 none BUT 9641T East Lancs at Sandtoft
PVH631 631 none Sunbeam S7 East Lancs at Sandtoft

Surviving Halifax/Todmorden/Calderline JOC vehicles

Registration Original Number WYPTE number Chassis Body Location and Notes
UJX920M 10 3010 Leyland Leopard not sure details unknown - on ebay Dec 2006
PJX35 35 3035 Leyland Leopard Weymann at Dewsbury Bus Museum
PJX43 43 unknown Leyland PD2 MCW preserved in Torquay
GJX331 119 unknown Daimler CVG6 Roe at Keighley Bus Museum
PJX232 232 3232 Leyland Leopard Weymann at Keighley Bus Museum
BCP671 277 unknown AEC Regent III Park Royal preserved in Yorkshire
CCP162C 62 ???? Leyland PD2 Roe exported to USA, sighted in Denver Colorado
CCP523C 278 3278 Leyland PD2 Roe stored in Paignton
CCP524C 279 3279 Leyland PD2 Roe stored at Winkleigh
LJX215 215 unknown AEC Regent V Metro Cammell preserved in Yorkshire
DJX351D 351/625/147/294 3294 Daimler Fleetline Northern Counties exported to USA, reported Denver, Colorado
RCP274K unknown 3084 Daimler Fleetline Northern Counties stored in the North West, work well underway
JX7046 80 unknown AEC Regent I (1939) Park Royal preserved in Yorkshire
AJX369 243 unknown AEC Regent III (1948) Park Royal preserved in Yorkshire
C2367 14 none Leyland G2 Phoenix with private restorer, on loan to Manchester Museum of Transport
YG7831 15 none Leyland Tiger TS6 Northern Counties with private restorer, work well underway
GWU12 2 none Leyland PD1 unknown preserved in the North West
KWX18 25/356 none Leyland PD2 unknown last known in Mirfield many years ago - probably scrapped?
HWY36 18/351 none Leyland PD2 unknown was with Exelby of Bromyard many years ago
JWY824 5/352 none Leyland PD2 unknown was exported to Belgium by Stella Artois
NWW89E 9 3325 Leyland Leopard Willowbrook at Dewsbury Bus Museum
BWU693H 23 3333 Leyland Leopard Seddon Wealdon PSV

No Halifax/Todmorden trolleybuses/trams are believed to survive. For competeness however we list the known Hebble survivors (Hebble was split into Calderdale JOC and Yorkshire Woollen District).

Registration Original Number WYPTE number Chassis Body Location and Notes
SYG561 21 none Bedford SBG Duple new to Walton & Halliwell, sold to Hebble with the company - preserved in Yorkshire
LJX198 307 none AEC Regent V Weymann preserved in Yorkshire
RCP237 314/619/76/376 3366 AEC Regent V Northern Counties preserved in Torquay
ECP500 36? none Leyland Royal Tiger Bellhouse Hartwell taxed until Apr 2007 - location unknown

DJX 351D is listed with the Calderdale JOC vehicles, however this was new as Hebble 351, became Hebble 625, the Yorkshire Woollen District 147, then Halifax JOC 294, then the same number with Calderdale JOC, then 3294 with WYPTE! It was last taxed in the UK in October 1984.

If anyone can add to/correct the above, we would be most interested to hear from you. In particular, if the ones where we only have a "many years ago" reference can be discounted with a confirmed report of scrapped, then that would be good to know also. We intend to create a similar list to the above for Bradford and Huddersfield over time.


We would like to do more work on the Fate spreadsheet - does anyone want to help? We would particularly like to include all one man-operated/rear engined vehicles operated by Leeds/Bradford/Halifax/Huddersfield/Todmorden, and all the minibuses operated by Yorkshire Rider in the 1980s/1990s. Please contact Us if you'd like to help. All that is needed is access the DVLA's vehicle enquiry website.

Does anyone have a list of the various ancilliary vehicles to serve WYPTE/Yorkshire Rider over the years? I am particularly trying to find out details of the tow trucks and the Land Rover vehicles used by Rider.

Regarding the 6001-6191 batch of Atlanteans, does anyone have a definitive list of what was delivered with which moquette (upper and lower). Downstairs there was (apparently) a green moquette (like on the Metropolitans) then two different versions of yellow/orange moquette and then the London style rectangles (yellow/orange/brown/black) whilst upstairs was either green or red leatherette.

Also in this batch, can anyone confirm which vehicles were delivered with a large side route number box, and which had the smaller one at roof level? We believe that the changeover is in the 6121-6150 batch, possibly at 6135/6136, but maybe there were some random ones also?

Regarding the Roe Olympians, does anyone know where the change of upstairs seating from brown leatherette to London style rectangle (yellow/orange/brown/black) moquette took place in the delivery order? Around 5120/5125 seems to ring a bell, can anyone confirm? From my own memories, the earlier ones allocated to Leeds (such as 5033, 5035 and 5036 all of which I remember well as my school transport along with 5507/5508) had the brown leatherette, whereas 5143/5144 had moquette upstairs - clarification needed though.

If you can help with any of the above, please do Contact Us.

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